Advanced Driver Training

With Kevin Haggarthy and our team

We offer one-on-one performance driver training led by  our Chief Instructior Kevin Haggarthy.

Kevin Haggarthy has over 25 years advanced and performance driver training experience, and is one of the Country’s most highly qualified Advanced and Performance driving instructors. He has coached  for both private individuals and motor manufacturers over the years, including a stint as Driving Consultant for Porsche Cars. This, along with his racing experience, outs him in a strong position to lead our team of specialist instructors to enable you to get the most out of your day.

Ray Grimes is one of the Country’s most senior race instructors, and spends much of his time travelling to race tracks all over the World to give race instruction to team racers. He has worked many high performance car manufacturers as well as previously Chief Instructor for Ferrari UK. 

Malcolm Wise has been racing saloons for over 25 years, and prior to that raced in international rallying. His racing career highlight is winning the Ford Saloon Car Championship in 2004. Malcolm is currently racing a 500bhp Escort Cosworth in the classic and modern saloon car championship
In addition to our core instructors, SVH Events also has an additional portfolio of specialist instructors to support our corporate track day events.

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